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No one wants embarrassing toenails, right?
We know. And we totally understand.

Are you feeling like you can’t show your feet in public? Always wearing shoes to cover your toenails? Are your toenails crumbly, yellow and thick?
Well, you could have a fungal infection of the toenails!

Did you know that if left untreated, toenail fungus can spread to the other toenails making treatment much longer and much more expensive. Sometimes the effects are irreversible!

If you’re sick of being embarrassed by your toenail fungus ACT NOW to prevent it spreading. Treatment is quick, painless, cost effective and 100% safe.

To help you out we’ve created a GAP-FREE* LOWER LIMB ASSESSMENT where we’ll show you how.

Your risk-free, no obligation Lower Limb Assessment includes:

✅ COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT to diagnose and discover the underlying cause of your toenail fungus. (Valued at $108)

✅ COMPLEMENTARY ANTI-FUNGAL SPRAY to get you started on your journey to being free of toenail fungus. (Valued at $9.95)

✅ TREATMENT PLAN customised just for you so you know where you’re headed on your journey to being free from your toenail fungus. (Valued at $89)


Normally Valued At $207 But Get It For FREE Today if you have Private Health Insurance with podiatry cover.

No Insurance? No Problem, Pay just $69.

Chances Are You’re Here For One Of These Reasons…..

* You want PAIN RELIEF FAST (Like yesterday FAST!)
* You have an ongoing issue that hasn’t resolved and you want to get on top of it PERMANENTLY. 
* You’re concerned about a developing problem and you want to nip it in the bud before it affect your quality of life.


Nearly 2 million Australians have toenail fungus, and the numbers are getting worse. That makes it even more important to do something about it NOW !
The longer you leave it, the longer it takes to treat and the more expensive it becomes to achieve healthy toenails.

Over more than 15 years of clinical experience we’ve create a treatment system that can get you FREE OF TOENAIL FUNGUS 75% FASTER (without breaking the bank!)

Book your Gap-Free Lower Limb Assessment to find out how 🙂

Other Toenail Problems…

Unmanageable Toenails 

Podiatrists treat many people who, for one reason or another, simply cannot manage their own toenails and general foot care. In fact, about 50% of all the people that see a podiatrist require general foot care and toenail management.

Lack of flexibility as a result of arthritis in the hips, knees, back or hands, joint replacement surgery or an increase in weight can all result in someone being unable to manage their own basic foot care.

No one should ever be embarrassed about seeing a podiatrist about management of their foot care. Podiatrist have all the instruments available for them to be able to manage any foot or lower limb condition.


Your PODIATRIST has the correct instruments at his / her disposal to treat all nail conditions including Onychocryptosis (ingrown toenails), Onychauxic (thickened) nails, Onychogryphosis (Deformed nails), Onychomycosis (Fungal infected nails), Onycholysis (separation of the nail from the nail bed), or Onychophosis (inflammation around the nail).

Many people, for a variety of different reasons, are no longer able to bend to reach their feet, making cutting their toenails extremely difficult or even painul. These people comprise about 60% of the patients your PODIATRIST sees every single day. Therefore, he / she will be more than happy to assist you with this task too.

Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown toenails are common in the podiatry clinic and will always be managed conservatively prior to any thought of surgery.

Conservative measures include removal of the nail spicule, advice on appropriate footwear and correct nail cutting techniques if these issues have proven to be contributing to the ingrown toenails.

Nail surgery is only indicated when conservative management of ingrown toenails fails. It may also be required when nails are abnormally curved, thickened, damaged or if fungal infection is a problem. It involves removing part or the whole of the nail plate and matrix.

Once the matrix is removed the offending piece of nail will never grow back.

The procedure itself is painless due to the administration of a local . Once the nail matrix is removed a chemical is applied to ensure regrowth does not occur.

If the side/s of the nail are removed the skin will heal to give a normal looking nail that is slightly narrower.

If the whole nail is removed the nail bed toughens over a few weeks so the area is not tender.

Your PODIATRIST will instruct you in detail on post-operative care as the first 3 days following nail surgery are crucial for rapid healing.

Nail Surgery Information

A foot in need of nail fungus treatment in Perth.

Unmanageable Toenails

Ingrown Toenail

Coronavirus Update

Here’s What We’ve Done:

* We’ve increased our hand sanitation procedures (above Government recommendations).
* We’ve implemented extremely high levels of surface cleaning in the clinic (above Government recommendations) between every patient and routinely throughout the day and all patients are being asked to use hand sanitizer on arrival in the clinic.
* We’ve also removed some waiting room chairs in order to abide by social distancing recommendations.
* We’re screening every patient for every consultation to determine if they safe to be treated in our clinic.
* We’ve instructed all our staff that they are to stay at home if they are feeling unwell and have also instructed them to turn away any patients who don’t pass our screening questions or are unwell on arrival.

Here’s What We’re Offering:

* Home visits to our elderly and high risk patients at a heavily reduced cost for the next 3 months.
* Avoid the Waiting Room: We’re happy for you to wait in your car in our carpark. Just call us to check-n, then we’ll call you when your podiatrist is ready to see you.

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