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Sometimes, pressure placed on the feet falls in specific areas if the foot is not in correct alignment. If this happens the body may respond by producing thickened areas on the surface of the skin (calluses). These are part of the body’s defense mechanism to protect the underlying tissue. If the cause of the pressure is not relieved, calluses can become very painful.

If pressure is concentrated in a small area a ‘hard’ corn may develop. Sometimes this pressure can result in inflammation and pain.

Sometimes ‘soft’ corns form between the toes where the skin is moist from sweat or inadequate drying of the feet. ‘Soft’ corns appear white and rubbery and are also caused by excessive friction.

Sometimes the skin at the back of the heels becomes so dry that it cracks or splits (fissuring). These area can become very painful to walk on.


Corns and calluses are generally signs of underlying problems and sometimes provide early warning signals of more complex foot disorders.

They are caused by continuous pressure in one particular area which can indicate abnormalities in foot structure or posture as you walk.

Often calluses and corns are caused by ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear.

Fissuring is generally a result of very dry skin and an inappropriate choice of footwear.


Never treat corns or calluses yourself. If you cut yourself, infection can easily and quickly develop into serious wounds.

As corns and calluses can be signs of other problems, it is important to have your PODIATRIST examine your feet to work out what is causing the pressure. Over-the-counter remidies such as corn pads generally only treat the symptoms, not the cause. They can also cause serious problems in people who have poor circulation as ulceration can develop.

Corns, calluses and fissuring can be quickly, easily and PAINLESSLY removed by your PODIATRIST.

Your Podiatrist can also advise you on footwear and moisturising creams or visit our Online shop.

Corn and callus

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