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Is your Child suffering with Foot, Leg, Knee or Back Pain?

Are things like playing their favourite sport, running around with their friends, or just enjoying active times with the family all suddenly becoming a challenge for your child? 😪

As parents, we want our kids to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and ACTIVE, right? No one wants to see them unhappy.
We know. And we totally understand.

Did you know that if left untreated, conditions such as GROWING PAINS, ACHING FEET and SORE LEGS could result in long-term problems, making treatment much more difficult and much more expensive. Sometimes the effects are irreversible!

It’s not normal for kids to complain of foot, leg or knee or back pain so it’s time to ACT NOW to prevent it getting worse.

To help you out we’ve created a GAP-FREE* LOWER LIMB ASSESSMENT


Your risk-free, no obligation Lower Limb Assessment includes:

✅ JOINT, MUSCLE & POSTURAL ASSESSMENT to discover the cause of your child’s lower limb pain. (Valued at $108)

✅ ON-THE-DAY TREATMENT to get them started on their journey to being pain free. (Valued at $89)

✅ TREATMENT PLAN customised just for your child. (Valued at $89)


Normally Valued At $286 But Get It For FREE Today if you have Private Health Insurance with podiatry cover.

No Insurance? No Problem, Pay just $69.

Chances Are You’re Here For One Of These Reasons…..

* You want your child to be PAIN FREE FAST (Like yesterday FAST!)
* Your child has an ongoing issue that hasn’t resolved and you want to get on top of it PERMANENTLY. 
* You’re concerned that your child has a developing problem and you want to nip it in the bud before it really affects their quality of life

If your child complains of pain in their feet or legs, fatigues easily with moderate exercise, is not keen on participating in sport or asks to be carried (or sit in the pram) more than other kids or you have any other concerns about their foot posture or gait, book a Gap-Free Lower Limb Assessment NOW

We’ve treated thousands of patients just like your child, and with more than 15 years of clinical experience we’ve create treatment systems that can get them PAIN FREE 75% FASTER (without breaking the bank!)

Book your Gap-Free Lower Limb Assessment to find out how 🙂

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