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Aching Feet and Foot Pain in Perth

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Muscluar pain and fatigue in the calf muscle area, behind the knees or at the front of the legs. Pain can also present in the feet as a result of long hours on the feet or specific activities.


The patient will complain of a tired, aching feeling at the back of the legs, or in the feet, particularly after standing for long periods of time


Tired or aching feet are commonly caused by abnormal traction on the calf muscles. This occurs when the legs internally rotate excessively due to over pronation (feet ‘rolling’ inwards). Excessive pronation in combination with hard surfaces we walk on force our feet to flatten and twist. In turn, this puts torsion and strain on muscles in the lower legs which then become symptomatic, resulting in pain.


By controlling excessive pronation, with orthotics (custom-made shoe inserts), internal rotation of the legs is reduced. Therefore, tortional and tractional forces on the muscles in the legs is reduced resulting in a reduction in symptoms.

Your PODIATRIST can also advise you on stretches that can be of benefit.

Pain of this type may also benefit from the use of a pain relieving gels or LIFESOLES which can be found in our ONLINE PRODUCTS section.

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