What are Lifesoles? | Galleria Podiatry


Did you know that ONE orthotic shape/design will not work to help every foot and lower limb concern?

Designed by 2 Perth podiatrists, Lifesoles are an “Off the shelf” Orthotic Range that mimic some of the qualities you’d get in a custom made device, at a much lower price!

There are 4 different types of Lifesoles:

  1. Medium Arch – Recommended for Children and Adult with Painful Arches, Pain in the base of your Heel, Knee pain. Also available in full-length.
  2. Strong Arch – Recommended for Children and Adults with flat feet to help with Shin Pain, Pain at the back of your Heel, sore inside of ankles. Strong arch support Lifesoles will fit to slimmer shoes such as Football boots
  3. Easy Fit – Recommended for Adults with for Aching Feet and helps to reduce pressure on the forefoot in high heeled shoes. They are designed for slim fit corporate shoes. Heeled Boots. High heels. Air hostess footwear. Ballet flats. Pointed toe men’s business shoe.
  4. Soft Sole – Designed to massage the tissue along the bottom of the arch with wear. For people suffering with Plantar fascitis. Also works as a cushion insole for HIGH ARCHES. This orthotic will require a wide shoes, such as a sneaker to be used.





(*if you have private health insurance with Podiatry cover. No Insurance? No problem, pay just $69)