What are Kidzoles? | Galleria Podiatry

Last month we talk about Lifesoles – Our ‘Off the shelf” orthotics for adults…… but don’t forget KidZoles.

Did you know that a 3 years old’s foot is not the same as an 8 year old’s foot? (and it’s certainly not just a “smaller version of an adult foot”). Kids also walk and run with very different gait patterns to adults. Kidzoles is the 1st range of children’s orthotic insoles that understand developmental stages of a child’s foot with changing designs to support the rigors of everyday sports and play and different ages.

J2 kids (Size uk5 to uk8): Helps with Achy Feet, Sore Aches, Rolling Ankles, Flat Feet

J3 kids (Size uk9 to uk12.5): Helps with Sore Aches, Heel Pain, Knee Pain and Achy Feet

J4 kids (Size uk 13.5 to uk 2.5): Helps with tired achy feet. Sore Heels, Knee Pain and Shin Splints

J5 kids (Size uk2.5 to uk4.5): Helps with tired achy feet. Sore Heels, Knee Pain and Shin Splints

J6 Adolescence (uk5 – uk 7.5): This orthotic has been designed specifically for pre-teens to adolesences experiencing Heel pain at the back of their heels. It can also be used to support a flexible flat foot.

Affirmation Cover

Every day your child will read these powerful words before putting their shoes on. They’ll encourages them to seek, adventure, explore, run, jump, walk, pivot, skip, hop and so much more!



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