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What is Ultrasound & How is it produced ?

Ultrasound is a high frequency soundwave.
It is produced by the vibration of a crystal inside a sound head. A gel is used to allow better transmission of soundwaves into by tissue.

What is it used for and what are the benefits of Ultrasound ?

Ultrasound speeds up the rate of soft tissue (tendon, muscle, ligament) repair after the acute phase of inflammation has subsided and also helps to reduce fibrous scar tissue. This, in turn, greatly reduces the risk of re-injury.

How does it speed up the healing process ?

By creating a mild soothing warmth it increases blood flow to the injured site allowing a greater rate of repair and removal of waste products.

Is it Safe ?

Yes. There are no side effects and the penetration is so effective that even deep soft tissue can be effectively treated.

Ask your PODIATRIST if your think you can benefit from Ultrasound

Coronavirus Update

Here’s What We’ve Done:

* We’ve increased our hand sanitation procedures (above Government recommendations).
* We’ve implemented extremely high levels of surface cleaning in the clinic (above Government recommendations) between every patient and routinely throughout the day and all patients are being asked to use hand sanitizer on arrival in the clinic.
* We’ve also removed some waiting room chairs in order to abide by social distancing recommendations.
* We’re screening every patient for every consultation to determine if they safe to be treated in our clinic.
* We’ve instructed all our staff that they are to stay at home if they are feeling unwell and have also instructed them to turn away any patients who don’t pass our screening questions or are unwell on arrival.

Here’s What We’re Offering:

* Home visits to our elderly and high risk patients at a heavily reduced cost for the next 3 months.
* Avoid the Waiting Room: We’re happy for you to wait in your car in our carpark. Just call us to check-n, then we’ll call you when your podiatrist is ready to see you.

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