Research has proven Nail Bracing to a successful, painless treatment for ingrown and involuted nails


  • No Surgery. No local anaesthetic needed
  • Immediate relief from the pressure caused by toenails
  • Long term improvement of aesthetic appearance of toenails
  • Prevent the regrowth of ingrown toenails
  • No restrictions to everyday life during treatment
  • This form of nail correction is suitable for nearly everyone, from small children to diabetics and those with nickel allergies


Podofix® is an innovative method of correcting all forms of ingrown and inrolled nails. This form of nail correction is suitable for nearly everyone – also small children and diabetics. Therapists and their patients are convinced by the medical and cosmetic results.

Podofix® is a gentle alternative for correcting malformed nails. It helps deformed nails to grow naturally and healthily. Through this simple method one can avoid surgery and discomfort is relieved quickly and painlessly. Its effect is long lasting.

Podofix® is individually fitted to the form of the nail and usually brings instant relief to the patient. The adhesion and activation of the brace only takes a few minutes and can hardly be felt. There are seldom restrictions on everyday life, sport or in water.

Nail Bracing Treatment & Application

  1. The plastic pad of the Podofix® Active Adhesive Brace is individually fitted to the patient by simply bending it to the form of the nail.
  2. The brace is initially glued without tension, to the nail. The glue hardens in about one minute, then the brace is activated by twisting the wire loop.
  3. The brace acts to slightly lift the sides of the nail and the surrounding tissue is relieved of the pressure. The tension can be agreed upon with the patient.
  4. Superfluous wire is then cut off and the notch of the Podofix® Active Adhesive Brace is filled with PediGel thus sealing the wire in a few seconds. This treatment method is suitable for all age groups and can also be used on diabetics and those with an allergy to nickel.

Nail Bracing - a non-surgical permanent ingrown toenail treatment being applied near me Nail Bracing - the superfluous wire being cut off Nail bracing - sealing PediGel

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