keryflex nail restoration
Medical Grade Professional Nail Restoration System

KeryFlex™ is a treatment that can restore the appearance of toenails

  • Exclusive to Podiatrists
  • 100% Sterile – No Cross-Infection like some nail salons
  • Lasts for up to 8 weeks
  • Anti-fungal Properties
  • 100% Safe
  • No side effects

KeryFlex™ is a treatment that can restore the appearance of toenails affected by:

  • Nail Fungal Infection
  • Nail Deformity
  • Psoriasis Nails
  • Nail affected by trauma.

Galleria Podiatry is very proud to be one of the first practices in Perth to provide this revolutionary treatment.

The patented resin creates a flexible, non-porous nail plate that allows the real nail to grow in a fungal free environment. The KeryFlex™ artificial nail bonds to any remaining nail tissue and nail bed to provide an exceptionally realistic looking plate during concurrent anti-fungal therapies such as oral medications. It transforms an unsightly, disfigured nail, providing an immediate cosmetic improvement to compliment fungal nail laser treatment and regular debridement with oral or topical treatment.

Treatment takes around 20 minutes and under normal conditions the KeryFlex™ restored nail will bond to the regrowing nail for up to 10 weeks !

The KeryFlex™ nail is durable and unaffected by acetone (nail polish remover), nail polishes or detergents. Restore your confidence in the appearance of your toenails with the KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration System.

What is the KeryFlex treatment process?

  1. Nail bed is prepared with debridement of the nail.
  2. KeryFlex Bond is brushed onto the nail plate and nail bed.
  3. KeryFlex Resin builds up the nail and allows sculpting and contouring of the nail.
  4. KeryFlex Seal is applied after the modelling process is completed.
  5. Ultraviolet light hardens the substances within 2 minutes.
keryflex nail restoration

How long does it take to apply KeryFlex?

On average, a podiatrist can complete the application of KeryFlex Bond, KeryFlex Resin, and KeryFlex Seal, with curing time included, in 10-15 minutes per nail.

What if the patient wants to have a KeryFlex nail removed?

If the patient wants to have the nail removed, this can be done by the podiatrist.

Can patients use nail polish and nail polish remover on a KeryFlex nail?

Yes, patients can use nail polish and nail polish remover on a KeryFlex nail.

Have any adverse events of side effects been reported with KeryFlex use?

The manufacturer of KeryFlex, Wilde GmBH, has not reported any adverse events with the use of KeryFlex according to the manufacturer’s directions.