growing pains treatment in Perth and Morley
It is common for many children to experience leg pains without any apparent cause, which are usually referred to as growing pains.


Disruption of the growth plates causing inflammation at the tibial tuberosity (small lump of bone below the knee)


Children will most commonly complain of pain and stiffness in the calf muscles or front of the legs (shins). During the night they often awake crying or complaining of leg pains.


Children’s bone structure is generally more flexible than adults. Therefore, high activity or long hours on their feet commonly causes the muscles to be over-worked and thus, later cause muscles stiffness and pain.

Excessive pronation (feet ‘rolling’ inwards) results in some muscles in the feet and legs being over-worked in an attempt to stabilise the child’s gait.

Growing Pains Treatment

Controlling excessive pronation, with orthotics (custom-made shoe inserts), gently stabilises the many bones, joints and soft tissue structures in children’s feet and lower legs. Orthotics re-align the young, growing bones and greatly reduces muscle over-use and strain.

Nic, Podiatrist at Galleria Podiatry