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Are things like playing their favourite sport, running around with their friends, or just enjoying active times with the family all suddenly becoming a challenge for your child?

As parents, we want our kids to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and ACTIVE, right? No one wants to see them unhappy.
We know. And we totally understand.

Did you know that if left untreated, conditions such as GROWING PAINS, ACHING FEET and SORE LEGS could result in long-term problems, making treatment much more difficult and much more expensive. Sometimes the effects are irreversible!

It’s not normal for kids to complain of foot, leg or knee or back pain so it’s time to ACT NOW to prevent it getting worse.

To help you out we’ve created a GAP-FREE* LOWER LIMB ASSESSMENT


Chances Are You’re Here For One Of These Reasons…..

* You want your child to be PAIN FREE, FAST (Like yesterday FAST!)

* Your child has an ongoing issue that hasn’t resolved and you want to get on top of it PERMANENTLY.

* You’re concerned about a developing problem and you want to nip it in the bud before it really affect their quality of life.


What is included in a child’s foot check up?

Your podiatrist will take a paediatric medical history and complete a physical examination, including a gait analysis.
In your child’s foot check-up we will be looking closely at:

  • Foot Posture Index assessment
  • Joint flexibility tests, including the Beighton Hypermobility Score
  • Foot and leg muscle strength testing – checking for muscle imbalances or weakness
  • Screening for any leg length discrepancy
  • Gait analysis and biomechanical assessment – to look for any abnormalities in the way the feet and legs move during gait
  • Footwear assessment – looking for abnormal shoe wear patterns. Bring along their everyday school shoes and sports shoes

When should your child have their feet checked?

Children should have a regular foot check-up at these important milestones:

Age 3 – when children develop a more adult ‘heel-toe’ gait pattern and the age when the arch has started to develop.
Age 5 – just before the start of primary school is an ideal time to have a child’s foot check-up. This is the first time a child will be wearing enclosed shoes all day, every day and participating in organised sport.
Age 11-12 – just before high-school starts. This is the start of puberty, with children getting heavier and often becoming involved in higher level sports. With the start of high school, most children will be required to wear a formal leather school shoe for the first time, so choosing the best style for their feet is important.

Book your free children’s foot health check

Book your free children’s foot health check if you think your child may be struggling with Flat feet, Rolling in, Difficulty with balance, Frequent tripping, withdrawing or refusing to participate in school sporting activities, Foot pain, Toe walking, Pigeon toe, Knock knees or bow legs or Growing pains in legs.

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To help you out we’ve created a GAP-FREE* LOWER LIMB ASSESSMENT NOW!

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    Nic, Podiatrist at Galleria Podiatry

    Common conditions experienced by children can include:

    Pigeon toes

    In-toeing is a common lower limb problem in which the feet point inwards.

    Treatment for in-toeing initially consists of adjusting the childs sitting and sleeping positions to encourage normal muscular development, and stretches for the hamstring muscles. Orthotics may also be used to realign and correct lower limb function.

    Growing pains

    Disruption of the growth plates causing inflammation and pain in the the lower limbs

    Controlling excessive pronation, with orthotics, gently stabilises the many bones, joints and soft tissue structures in children’s feet and lower limbs, resulting in reduced pain, fast!
    achilles tendonitis

    Achilles Tendonitis

    Inflammation, pain and / or tenderness of the Achilles tendon.

    Through a number of effective treatment options we can help reduce the over-stretching and traction on the Achilles tendon, therefore alleviating your child's pain.

    Flat feet

    A lowering or collapsing of the longitudinal arch in the foot.

    Controlling excessive pronation with orthotics prevents the feet ‘rolling’ inwards during walking. We can also advise you on many other treatment options that can reduce your child's pain quickly.

    Heel and arch pain

    Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain.

    Galleria Podiatry are able to treat heel and arch pain effectively through a number of treatments (at a reasonable price!). With state-of-the-art treatment options we'll get your child pain-free, FAST!

    Plantar Warts 

    Caused by a virus (HPV) and appear on the sole of the foot.

    Treatments may include the application of creams or liquid nitrogen to destroy and remove the area of affected tissue. Galleria Poditary can advise you on the best treatment options in each particular case.

    Ingrown toenails

    Ingrown toenails are common in our podiatry clinic.

    Treatments include removal of the nail spicule, advice on correct nail cutting techniques and appropriate footwear if these issues have proven to be contributing to the ingrown toenails. We also offer a permanent solution for ingrown toenails so your child is NEVER in pain again!

    Shin Splints

    Refers to pain felt anywhere along the shinbone from knee to ankle.

    Galleria Podiatry are able to treat shin splints quickly & effectively (without breaking the bank) through a number of treatments options. We'll get your child pain-free, FAST!