Treatments and services available at Galleria Podiatry

Someone being fitted for custom-made orthotics near Bayswater


Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts designed, developed and manufactured to improve the alignment of the feet and lower limbs while standing, walking and running.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are delivered into the injured body tissue by means of a special freely-movable applicator (similar to therapeutic ultrasound).
dry needling performed on foot perth

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment which is designed to help relieve pain caused by a range of conditions. 


Galleria Podiatry is very proud to be one of the first practices in Perth to provide this revolutionary treatment.

Tool Assisted Massage (TAM)

The TAM helps to release the fascia, the layer that covers the muscle.
exercise prescription

Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription is prescribed to assist in treating muscular or joint injuries.


Podiatric surgeons are podiatrists who have completed extensive, post-graduate medical and surgical training, which enables them to perform reconstructive surgery on the foot and ankle.
diabetes and foot care

Diabetes Management

If you have diabetes, taking care of your feet daily is important. This is because diabetes can cause nerve damage in your feet, which in turn leads to poor blood circulation. This increases your risk of serious complications, like foot ulcers.
sports podiatry

Sports Podiatry

Foot and lower limb injuries in sports and exercise: diagnosis, treatment, prevention to help you return to previous function as soon as possible.
pediatric podiatrist

Children's Podiatry

Book your child’s foot health check if you think your child may be struggling with flat feet, foot pain, pigeon toe, or refusing to participate in school sporting activities.