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For individuals living with diabetes, foot health is of prime importance. The diabetic foot requires regular care and attention due to the increased risk of complications. In this blog, we emphasise the importance of regular podiatric check-ups for diabetic individuals and the crucial role podiatrists play in preventing and managing diabetic foot-related issues.

Understanding the Diabetic Foot

  1. Neuropathy and Circulation Issues

    Diabetes can cause nerve damage (neuropathy) and impair blood flow to the feet. Neuropathy can lead to loss of sensation, making it difficult to detect injuries or infections. Poor circulation slows down the healing process.

  2. Risk of Ulcers and Infections

    Reduced sensation and compromised blood flow increase the risk of foot ulcers, which can quickly escalate into severe infections or non-healing wounds. Infections, if left untreated, may lead to severe complications and, in extreme cases, amputation.

Why See a Podiatrist?

  1. Preventive Care

    Podiatrists specialise in assessing and managing diabetic foot health. Regular check-ups can help detect issues early, preventing the progression of problems.

  2. Risk Assessment

    Podiatrists perform comprehensive neurovascular assessments to evaluate circulation, sensation, and foot structure. We can identify risk factors and provide personalised advice to mitigate risks.

  3. Wound Management

    In the event of foot ulcers or wounds, podiatrists offer expert wound care, reducing the risk of infection and facilitating proper healing. Podiatrists can also refer to High Risk Foot Clinics so that patients receive the best standard of care.

  4. Customised Footwear and Orthotics

    Podiatrists provide guidance on suitable footwear and can create custom orthotics to relieve pressure points and prevent complications.

  5. Education and Guidance

    Podiatrists can educate diabetic patients on proper foot care practices, including daily inspection, moisturization, nail care, and warning signs to watch for.

Regular visits to a podiatrist are crucial for individuals with diabetes to maintain optimal foot health. By partnering with a podiatrist, diabetic patients can benefit from specialised care, early detection of issues, and tailored guidance to minimise the risks associated with the diabetic foot. Prioritising podiatric care ensures that any foot-related concerns are addressed swiftly thus reducing the likelihood of complications and supporting overall well-being for those living with diabetes. Patients with diabetes may also be eligible for 5 government subsidised consultations per year under an “Enhanced Primary Care Plan.”

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