Soft tissue injury? All you need is PEACE and LOVE | Galleria Podiatry


With football and netball season in full swing, soft tissue injuries such as ankle sprains are common. What should you do if you have just come off the pitch/court with an injury?

The acronym ‘RICE’ (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has underpinned the treatment of acute soft-tissue injuries for many years. However, this approach fails to consider the subacute and chronic stages of tissue healing. A recent study suggests, all you need is PEACE and LOVE.

For the first 1-3 days after injury, do no harm and let ‘PEACE’ be your guide

Protection: Avoid activities and movements that increase pain

Elevation: Keep the injured limb higher than the heart as often as possible

Avoid anti-inflammatory modalities: Avoid anti-inflammatory medications and icing

Compression: Use an elastic bandage or taping to provide external mechanical pressure to minimise swelling

Education: See a medical professional for guidance on your management and treatment


After 3 days has past, all you need is LOVE

Load: Let pain be your guide and gradually return to normal activities

Optimism: Psychological factors can also influence the success of rehabilitation – having confidence and positivity in your treatment plan will give you the best chance of recovery

Vascularization: Participate in pain-free cardiovascular activities to increase blood flow to injured structures

Exercise: Restore mobility, strength, and proprioception through an active approach to recovery