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Gelly Tights



Gelly Tights are normal, everyday stockings that have a Gel Cushion incorporated into the sole during manufacture, providing cushioning at the ball of the foot. They can be worn with all shoe types and are particularly suitable for women who are unable to wear flat “sensible” shoe for work, or those who simply want to be able to wear high heel shoes with comfort.

Gelly Tights are an aid to help relieve foot pain while looking stylish and allowing women to wear the high heeled fashion shoes they desire.

Gelly Tights can be worn by anyone, at any age, with any footwear.

Women who suffer with corns / calluses, burning feet or aching feet, or foot deformity such as hammer toes, bunions, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthririts may benefit from daily use of Gelly Tights.

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Knee High Tan, Knee High Black