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Fisiocrem Solugel (60g – 250g)


FisiocremSOLUGEL contains a special combination of natural plant extracts well known for their beneficial effects in providing relief from the symptomatic pain and aggravation associated with common muscle, joint, and soft tissue trauma.



Combining the wisdom of the earliest natural healers with the technology of modern science, the extracts are gently removed from the flowering plants and formed into micro sized particles before being bound into a gel with purified water. The solution is then stabilised and thickened slightly to produce FisiocremSOLUGEL.

When FisiocremSOLUGEL is applied to the skin with gentle rubbing the solution rapidly releases the active plant ingredients. This rapid release of the high concentrations of natural active ingredients in turn provides you with faster relief from your painful symptoms.

FisiocremSOLUGEL is the ideal natural solution for soft tissue trauma such as bumps, bruises and common muscular aches and pains that result from sport injuries or everyday life.

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