Pain at the ball of the foot, under the metatarsals.


The condition usually causes burning sensation or general aching in the forefoot, under the ball of the foot, and can become very painful.
Some patients describe the pain as a lump under the ball of the foot. Applying pressure to the ball of the foot can elicit pain.


When the foot pronates (‘rolls’ inwards) excessively there is a progressive weakening of soft tissue structures, ligament laxity and muscular wastage which causes the bones and joints in the forefoot to rotate and move downwards. This results in shearing forces on foot structures which can cause pressure and pain. After a period of time nerve damage and callosities can develop in the foot.


By controlling excessive pronation through orthotics (custom-made shoe inserts) the foot is returned to a neutral position which prevents the shearing forces being placed on the joints in the ball of the foot.
Also, by balancing the weight distribution over the entire ball of the foot, orthotic devices help to remove excess weight and friction on specific parts of the foot which is a common cause of the burning pain as well as corns and callosities.

Pain such as this may also benefit from the use of a pain relieving cream which can be found in our shop.