Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are common in the podiatry clinic and will always be managed conservatively prior to any thought of surgery.

Conservative measures include removal of the nail spicule, advice on appropriate footwear and correct nail cutting techniques if these issues have proven to be contributing to the ingrown toenails.

Nail surgery is only indicated when conservative management of ingrown toenails fails. It may also be required when nails are abnormally curved, thickened, damaged or if fungal infection is a problem. It involves removing part or the whole of the nail plate and matrix.

Once the matrix is removed the offending piece of nail will never grow back.

The procedure itself is painless due to the administration of a local . Once the nail matrix is removed a chemical is applied to ensure regrowth does not occur.

If the side/s of the nail are removed the skin will heal to give a normal looking nail that is slightly narrower.

If the whole nail is removed the nail bed toughens over a few weeks so the area is not tender.

Galleria Podiatry will instruct you in detail on post-operative care as the first 3 days following nail surgery are crucial for rapid healing.