Hammer toe is common and wide ranging.


Hammer toe deformities are common and wide ranging. They can affect people of all ages. They can be due to an inherited abnormal bone structure in the toes, or due to poor foot function, eg. flat feet, which puts excessive demands on the joints in the toes. Correction of any of these faulty mechanics can improve toe deformities, particularly if treated early. Toes can appear clawed, rotated or abnormally flexed in one of the toe joints.

If left untreated, problems with toe deformities include painful corns, pain in the toe joints, problems with shoe fitting and the hammer toe is vulnerable to ulceration in patients with diabetes or circulation problems.

Protective shields or pads can be manufactured quickly and easily by Galleria Podiatry to protect the underlying joints. Some toe deformities can also be successfully corrected by us. In appropriate cases however, referral to a Podiatric Surgeon may be required.