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Established in 2005, Galleria Podiatry is a leading podiatry practice located just 4.5 km and 7 min drive from Bayswater Town Centre. We are a team of passionate and committed WA-trained podiatrists led by an experienced podiatrist couple, CEOs Nic and Rachel Lange. Our family-owned practice can treat all kinds of foot and ankle-related ailments while attending to patients in a language they are comfortable with.

Podiatry is a highly specialised realm of healthcare and requires two levels of accreditation – one for general podiatry and another for podiatric surgery. As is the case with every field of healthcare, podiatric science is ever-evolving. Although the science deals with foot and ankle-related ailments, there is no blanket rule for treating them. We understand that every patient’s condition is unique and needs to be treated uniquely. At Galleria, we excel in providing individualised care – from your initial consultation and diagnosis to your treatment plan and aftercare.

For Bayswater residents, taking a long walk along the banks of the Swan River is a favourite way to exercise and relax. There’s no reason that should be jeopardised because of a bunion, bruise, or blister. For any foot or ankle-related concern, give us a call at Galleria Podiatry, just a stone’s throw from Bayswater, on (08) 9275 9006. With our commitment to providing first-class care and the latest podiatric treatments, we can help restore your foot health so you can enjoy getting out into nature again.


Galleria Podiatry – Podiatrist Services & Custom Orthotics Bayswater

Galleria Podiatry treats all kinds of foot and ankle problems. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones:

Heel and Arch Pain

Heel and arch pain are commonly caused by the inflammation of the tissues at the bottom of the foot. You may feel pain and stiffness around your foot and heel, along with some swelling. In such cases, walking could further injure your foot and cause the inflammation to worsen. Though it could heal on its own, the best course of action is to visit your local podiatrist. For the Bayswater community, that’s Galleria Podiatry, just down the road in Morley.

At Galleria Podiatry, your initial appointment begins with a thorough assessment of your foot and footwear, which forms the basis of our individual treatment plan. We allow time for the small tears in the foot tissues to heal, after which we focus on strengthening the foot and improving its flexibility. We can help you get back to doing the activities you love without the burden of foot pain.

Get back on your feet today by giving us a call us today.


Orthotics is a specialised field that involves the designing and fabricating of special shoes, shoe inserts, and other devices that help ease the discomfort felt in your foot and improve the alignment while you walk, run, or stand. Lack of alignment is the cause of many foot-related problems, like heel and arch pain, flat feet, pigeon toe, shin splints, etc.

At Galleria Podiatry, our team of podiatrists can eliminate all foot and ankle discomforts related to misalignments. We prescribe specialised, custom-made orthotics as well as generic orthotics depending on the level of correction required.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Pain in the feet and ankle is a common foot ailment caused by several factors from ill-fitting footwear to osteoarthritis. At Galleria, we get more than our fair share of foot and ankle pain cases and this substantial exposure in treating this ailment has given us a thorough understanding of it.

Bunions and Bone Pain

Bunions may seem like a harmless little growth as they form silently and cause no pain for years. However, if left untreated, an extra bone may start growing at the base of the big toe. Your feet have multiple bones and even more tendons, muscles, and ligaments. As such, it’s important that every foot-related complication or pain is looked at by a professional.

Fungus Toenail Treatment

Another common foot problem, toenail fungus is also a condition that needs to be looked into as soon as possible. When ignored, the fungal growth spreads and can cause severe discomfort in even the simplest of activities like walking or wearing shoes.

Diabetes Management

It is a well-known fact that diabetes affects the feet and, in serious cases, can lead to amputation. If you are a diabetic and have been for a long time, you may need the guidance of an experienced podiatrist to keep your feet healthy.

Sports Podiatry

Our founding principle is to help with the healing of sports-related injuries. Our sports podiatrists are all experienced in handling sports-related injuries and can guide you with thorough diagnostics and individualised treatments.


Meet Our Team of Podiatrists Providing Exceptional Care to the Bayswater Community

Our team has eight experienced podiatrists who can handle all kinds of foot and ankle-related problems. The owners of the practice, Nic and Rachel Lange, graduated from Curtin University and are members of the Australian Podiatry Association. They worked in Southeast Melbourne for two years before moving to Perth and purchasing Galleria Podiatry in 2005.

Now, Galleria Podiatry has eight podiatrists and five administrative staff, and we have taken the practice to new heights. Our podiatrists are all graduates of the University of Western Australia and have a thorough knowledge of Podiatric Medicine. We also have a Podiatric Surgeon, Dr Nick Marino.


Looking for a Children’s Podiatrist Near Bayswater WA ?

If your children frequently complain about pain in their legs or feet, it could be a sign of some serious underlying issues. When it comes to issues with children’s feet, any neglect could result in long-term problems and some could even become irreversible. Book your kids in for a check-up at our kids podiatrists to ensure they enjoy a lifetime of good foot health!


Book an Appointment with Galleria Podiatry Online

If you’re bothered by stubborn foot or ankle pain or have injured your lower limbs, then don’t hesitate to contact the team at Galleria Podiatry. You can arrange an appointment with us via the online booking system, email, or phone. In the case that you have a Care Plan from your GP, please call our Reception on (08) 9275 9006, so that we can accommodate you at the earliest available opportunity.

For your convenience, we also offer telehealth appointments.

Our podiatrists are available from 8 AM through to 5 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 12 noon on Saturdays. After-hours appointments are available on Thursday til 7 PM or upon request.

For clients who prefer to see a podiatrist in their own homes, we can arrange a visit to your home or residential facility in Bayswater.

Practice closed? Book an appointment 24/7 using our convenient online booking system.

We ask that our clients book an appointment in advance to ensure we can see you on the day and to avoid long wait times. While urgent walk-ins may be accommodated, this is subject to the availability of our podiatrists.


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Galleria Podiatry is just a 7-minute drive from Bayswater!


By Car

From Bayswater, you can head northeast on King William Street towards Beechboro Road South. Turn right onto Walter Road West/State Route 35, and then continue down Walter Road for approximately 4 kilometres. Galleria Podiatry will be on your left.

By Public Transit

From Bayswater, catch the 48 Bus towards Morley from Bayswater Station (Stand 3). Get off at the Morley Bus Station (Stand 4). From there, take the 60 Bus towards Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and get off at Walter Rd after Light St stop outside our clinic.