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Footwear Favourites – Showcasing Our Footwear Selection

At Galleria Podiatry, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to our valued patients. The significance of appropriate footwear in enhancing lower limb well-being and addressing foot discomfort cannot be overstated. In this blog, we turn the spotlight on three brands that align with our clinic’s values, offering tailored solutions for your foot pain. 


With a legacy dating back to 1904, Scholl has established itself as a trusted name in footwear. This brand crafts supportive, orthotic-friendly shoes that seamlessly combine durability and affordability without compromising comfort and style. Offering a diverse range of slippers, sneakers, thongs, and workwear, Scholl ensures you have the proper footwear both indoors and out.

All Scholl footwear available at our clinic features True Comfort footbeds, characterized by deep heel cups and arch support. These features not only provide exceptional underfoot comfort but also aid in realigning ankle positioning. This holds the potential to alleviate foot and back pain. Additionally, Scholl footbeds are fully removable, allowing for replacement with over-the-counter or custom orthotic devices.

scholl footwear



Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Revere Shoes were established in 1979 with a vision to craft exquisitely designed, high-quality orthopedic shoes. Since then, Revere has expanded its collection to encompass chic styles catering to every season and occasion. Amidst growth, Revere’s commitment to meticulously crafted orthotic-friendly footwear remains steadfast.

An issue frequently encountered with custom orthotics is the limitation to bulky, enclosed footwear that lacks style. Revere Shoes addresses this by offering a wide selection of sandals with removable footbeds thus accommodating custom orthotic devices. This design feature grants customers an array of footwear choices, especially during warmer months, extending beyond enclosed shoes.

In addition to this, numerous Revere sandals feature adjustable ankle and forefoot straps. These functional details make them suitable for narrow or wide feet and allow for fluctuating swelling. Every pair of Revere footwear also includes a set of fillers, enabling personalized fit adjustments.

revere footwear


The team at Vionic believe feet evolved to traverse soft, natural terrains like soil and sand, not the unyielding, man-made surfaces prevalent in today’s world. Vionic shoes and sandals embrace your arches like a natural footprint, ensuring enduring comfort and support throughout the day.

Vionic’s signature Vio-Motion Technology defines each shoe, delivering heel stability, arch support, and forefoot cushioning. This technology bridges the gap between orthotic comfort and modern style, offering versatility without compromising on aesthetics.

orthotic shoe

With Scholl, Revere, and Vionic, we’re proud to present a selection of footwear for men and women that embodies our commitment to your holistic foot health. To explore these esteemed brands and embark on a journey towards comfort, support, and style click the link below:

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