What is a Foot Corn?

At our Perth foot clinics, we often treat foot corns, a condition that affects people from various backgrounds, including athletes and the elderly. If left untreated, corns can cause pain and disrupt daily life. Corns develop when the skin thickens in response to mechanical stress, resulting from shear, friction, pressure, torsion, or tension acting on the body. While corns can occur in other body parts, they are most commonly found on the feet. They appear as rough, yellow patches of skin that may be round or raised. It’s important to understand that not all corns are the same, and different types can occur on the feet.

What is the main cause of corn on feet?

Foot corns are caused by repetitive microtrauma or mechanical stress on a specific point on the feet. This stress causes the skin to form excess skin to protect the underlying tissue, which weakens the skin barrier. As a result, a hard plug of skin forms and is pushed back into the skin, resembling an inverted cone. This plug is known as the nucleus and can cause pain when it presses on the inner layer of the skin and nerves.

There are various intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can lead to excessive localised stress on the feet.

How do you treat foot corns?

For foot corns that are not causing pain, it is best to leave them be. However, if this is your first time experiencing a foot corn, it may be helpful to investigate the cause. One common cause of foot corns is ill-fitting shoes that cause chronic repetitive stress, which can compromise the skin. In this case, getting new shoes or using padding can help reduce stress on the area and protect your skin.

Avoid using corn pads that contain acid as they often damage the skin further and can lead to infection. Instead, gently filing the area with a pumice stone or file can help reduce the thickness of the skin.

If your foot corn is painful and impacting your daily life, it’s time to see a podiatrist. This is especially important if you have medical conditions like diabetes or poor circulation, as corn pads may not be safe.

Podiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat foot corns properly. They will assess your condition and provide immediate treatment, which can resolve symptoms within 24 hours. Contact us for assessment. We can provide ongoing treatment to reduce recurrence and symptoms.

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