Finding the Perfect Podiatrist for Your Feet

At Galleria Podiatry, we specialise in treating a wide range of foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, and everything in between. With over a decade of experience, we have provided relief for feet in Northeast Perth. Our podiatry clinic is situated in Morley and is easily accessible for people residing in Perth and nearby areas. Patients from far and wide come to seek treatment from our experienced podiatrists. Get in touch for Gap-FREE lower limb assessment at Galleria Podiatry.

We have successfully treated every foot condition and are confident we can help you. Regardless of your foot condition, our skilled podiatrists have the expertise to help you feel your best again. Whether you need nail surgery or products for pain relief, we are here to help you get back on your feet.


foot and ankle pain condition

Foot/Ankle Pain


If you are experiencing pain in your foot or ankle, there could be several reasons. These may include sprains, overuse injuries, changes to how your foot moves, or osteoarthritis due to wear and tear. Fortunately, in many cases, there is a relief...
flat feet condition

Flat Feet


Flatfoot is a condition where one or both feet lack an arch. Arch usually develops during early childhood. If the arches don't form or collapse later in life, it can cause pain and affect walking. Orthotics and stretching exercises can help alleviate these symptoms.
plantar fasciitis condition

Plantar Fasciitis


Many people experience pain in their heel or arch due to plantar fasciitis, which is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band-like ligament on the bottom of the foot. It is a common condition. We can provide treatment.
Achilles Tendonitis diagnosis and treatment at Galleria Podiatry

Achilles Tendonitis


Achilles tendinitis is a type of overuse injury that affects the Achilles tendon. This tendon is a band of tissue that connects the calf muscles in the lower leg to the heel bone. The injury typically occurs in runners who have rapidly increased the intensity or duration of their runs.
shin splints

Shin Splints


Tibial stress syndrome, commonly called shin splints, is a prevalent condition among athletes, especially runners and dancers. The pain is typically felt along the lower part of the shinbone, primarily on the inside edge. Inflammation is the primary cause of shin splints.
Morton's Neuroma treatment at Galleria Podiatry

Morton’s Neuroma


Do you experience pain between your toes? Morton's Neuroma may be the cause. Our podiatrists can evaluate your situation and provide tailored treatments, including orthotics or surgery.



If you experience pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot, you could suffer from metatarsalgia. This condition can be caused by engaging in activities that involve running and jumping, but it can also be caused by foot deformities or ill-fitting shoes that are either too tight or too loose.



Sesamoiditis is a condition where the sesamoid bones, located in the ball of the foot and the tendons that surround them, become inflamed. This condition is often a result of overuse, especially among dancers, runners, and athletes.
tarsal tunnel syndrome condition

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome


Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a rare condition that is often not diagnosed correctly. Symptoms may include tingling or burning pain, hyperaesthesia, and sensory impairment, usually experienced on the plantar surface of the ankle and foot.
bunions diagnosis and treatment Bayswater and Morley



A bunion is a bony bump that develops on the joint at the base of the big toe due to some of the bones in the front part of the foot moving out of place. As a result, the tip of the big toe is pulled towards the smaller toes, and the joint at the base of the big toe protrudes.
hammer toe diagnosis and treatment bayswater

Hammer toe


A hammer toe is a deformity that affects the second, third, or fourth toes. It causes the toe to bend at the middle joint, resembling a hammer. Initially, the toe is flexible and can be corrected.



Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation, pain, stiffness, swelling, redness, and limited mobility in the joints where one or two bones meet. It can affect any joint in the body but is often found in the small joints of the foot and ankle. 
plantar wart

Plantar Warts 


Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection from HPV. They can be contagious and cause discomfort. See a podiatrist for advice and treatment if you have pain or discomfort.
nail fungus

Nail Fungus


A common nail infection initially appears as a white or yellow-brown spot beneath the nail's tip on your fingers or toes. With the progression of the fungal infection, the nail may thicken, discolour, and crumble at the edge.
ingrown nail

Ingrown Toenails


When the skin on the side of the nail grows over the edges of the nail or grows into the skin, it is called an ingrown nail. It can cause redness, pain, and swelling at the nail's corner and may lead to infection.
foot corns and calluses

Corns and Calluses


Corns and calluses are thick layers of skin that develop due to friction or pressure. They usually occur on hands, fingers, feet, and toes.
unmanaged toenails galleria podiatry

Unmanageable Toenails


Podiatrists treat many people who, for one reason or another, cannot manage their own toenails and general foot care.
heel arch pain

Heel/Arch Pain


Both heel and arch pain can interfere with daily activities. They are common foot ailments that can cause discomfort and limit mobility. Contact our podiatrists for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.