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What might my big toe pain be?

The big toe is important for functions such as stability and walking so pain in the big toe can be quite unpleasant. The first metatarsophalangeal joint is the main joint that connects the big toe to the forefoot. So what

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Interesting article on effectiveness of foot orthotics

Foot exercises and foot orthoses are more effective than knee focused exercises in individuals with patellofemoral pain  New research showing the addition of foot strengthening exercises (including resistance band inversion, proprioceptive, standing calf raises and doming) with orthotic therapy for

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As Podiatrists we knows all too well that a big part of going back to school is buying a new pair of school shoes and the right footwear and foot support can help children to maintain their active lifestyles without

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EXCLUSIVE to Galleria Podiatry in WA, our custom-made orthotic thongs are airy and lightweight, comfortable to wear and very good for your health since the footbed is individually moulded, it provides secure support and protects the joints. They are supreme

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New Clinic Update

Hi there, We thought it was about time we gave you an update (and a sneak peek) at the new clinic. Check out this video for all the latest developments. The excitement is seriously building for us – only 2

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14 ways to prevent toenail fungus

  Fungal infections are contagious, and easily transferred from person to person. However, taking the following precautions can reduce your risk. 1.Wear thongs or sandals when walking in warm, moist areas like gyms, locker rooms, spa areas, public showers,   and

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Progress Pics

Well, it’s amazing what can happen in a matter of days ! After being delayed by a couple of weeks we are finally underway with construction of our brand new clinic at 213 Walter Road, Morley. We’re still confident that

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