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Corns, Calluses and Warts…What’s the difference?

Corns, Calluses & Warts

One of our most frequently asked questions by patients is: what is the difference between a corn, callus or wart? Most of the time they have similar appearances and can be confused for one thing or another. However the correct diagnosis is important in order to properly treat or advise on the skin condition.


Calluses are areas of thickened, hard, rough skin. They typically develop in areas of pressure such as the soles of your feet, under the heels or balls of your feet. They are usually larger than corns.



Corns are similar to calluses however they tend to be smaller in size, have a hard centre of hard skin surrounded by inflamed skin. They can form on areas of weight bearing (forefoot, heel etc.) but they can also be found in non-weight bearing areas (tops and dies of toes, in between toes). Corns are often painful when pressed.



Plantar warts (also known as verrucas) are commonly found on the soles of the feet or around the toes. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). People can come into contact with the virus in areas such as swimming pools, changing room floors and communal shower areas. The appearance of verrucas is a small cauliflower-type growth, sometimes with overlying callus, on the soles of your feet with tiny black dots. They can also have pin point bleeding when the callus is removed. The area can be painful when you pinch it and can cause discomfort when you walk on it.

Treatment on each of these skin conditions are different. If you have diabetes, poor circulation or are pregnant, it is important that you seek advice from a podiatrist rather than treating it yourself.

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