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Have you tried dry needling yet?




Have you thought about dry needling?

What is dry needling you may ask.

Well, dry needling is a treatment which is designed to help relieve pain caused by a range of conditions. This treatment involves a very thin needle being pushed through the skin in order to stimulate a trigger point or a ‘knot’ within the muscle which may be causing pain. These trigger points can occur as a result of muscles being overworked through overuse.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

How is dry needling any different than acupuncture?

Dry needling has a focus on stimulating specific trigger points within the body which are ultimately resulting in pain and disability. Additionally, with dry needling the needles are slowly inserted into the body and removed after a short period, whereas with acupuncture the needles are left in the body for some time. Dry needling is specifically designed to treat neuromuscular issues, with acupuncture being designed to address the flow of energy around the body and vital organs.

What can I expect?

We often have patients tell us that they’re scared of needles and therefore have not considered dry needling, however, you’ll  be pleased to know that the needle used for dry needling is 10 times thinner than a regular needle.

When the needle is inserted it feels like a small twitch in the muscle. It’s been described as feeling like a slight ‘prick’ but is painless.

How many visits will I need?

We generally recommend 4 – 6 sessions in order to see positive and lasting results, however results can be seen in the first 24 hours after your dry needling session.

Common conditions that we have treated successfully with dry needling include the following;

Plantar fasciitis

Muscle sprain

ITB syndrome

Shin Splints

Achilles tendonitis

Joint dysfunction

Forefoot pain i.e. Morton’s Neuroma


I’ve tried everything – is dry needling worth it?

Well, in many people’s opinions it is.

Personally, at Galleria Podiatry we have had very positive reactions from people who have had dry needling done. The results we have seen include a decrease in muscle pain, an increase in muscle function, and quicker recovery times from injury.

What can I expect after the treatment?

It is common to feel muscle soreness after the treatment where the needle has been inserted. It is recommended that you apply heat after the treatment rather than applying ice as head will likely cause the redevelopment of these trigger points.

What do I do next?

If you’re interested in dry needling feel free to call and speak to one of our portraitists about your specific case, or you can book a NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE* consultation by clicking the link below.


Yours in good health, Nic, Rachel and the Galleria Podiatry team

* No out-of-pocket expense if you have private health insurance. No insurance? No problem. Just pay $59.

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