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Including Bayswater, Noranda, Dianella and the Surrounding Perth Area

When you suffer from a condition that affects your lower limbs, the discomfort can impact every portion of
your life. If you have foot pain, you may work less efficiently, feel less productive and exercise less

At Galleria Podiatry, our team of podiatrists understands how debilitating an injury or illness
of the feet, ankles, knees or hips can be. We work to diagnose the source of your discomfort so we can help
you get back on your feet.

Our Services

If your condition affects your lower body, we can help. We provide diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation
and prevention for most podiatric concerns. Some of the most common issues we address are as follows:

  • Corns and calluses
  • Flat feet
  • Foot pain located in the heel, arch or toes
  • Hip and leg pain caused by conditions of the feet
  • Ingrown and unmanageable toenails

For a comprehensive list of conditions we treat, visit
our common conditions page

We offer in-house, at-home and surgical treatment options tailored to your personal situation.

Are you looking for support products to ease your pain between appointments? Browse our online store for compression
garments, topical ointments, orthotics and other proven at-home aids.

Our Team

Galleria Podiatry has helped patients of all ages overcome lower limb ailments for more than 10 years. To
promote your quick recovery, we employ six experienced podiatrists, offer bulk billing options and keep long
office hours to accommodate most patients’ schedules.

Our Morley location serves residents throughout the Perth area, including those
in Bayswater, Dianella and Noranda. Contact
 today to schedule your next appointment.

Please view these 4 short videos for more information on Galleria Podiatry.


For friendly and professional podiatrists in Perth, Call us now on 08 9275 9006.

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